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"Grain Dust Suppression System"

Turn your Grain Dust into PROFITS

with Agri Duster!

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The Agri Duster is an oil dust suppression system that sprays a fine mist of FDA approved food grade oil on your grain.


Once a thin film of oil is deposited on your grain, the oil will reduce the friction that causes breakage and will reduce the dust when you handle your product by a minimum of 95%.  


Clean up time and equipment maintenance is greatly reduced due to the dust control.

What Is The Agri Duster?

Why Use The Agri Duster?

The University of Iowa did a study showing that 1.2 bushels of grain are lost in dust with each handling of 1,000 bushels.


The Agri Duster is a unique, cost effective way to control airborne dust inside your bins, legs, conveyors and surrounding areas.

Where Can I Use The Agri Duster?

We offer the Agri Duster in several different configurations from a portable system to fit your individual plant or auger configurations to a fully installed automatic system.


We furnish all material, labor, wiring etc... for a complete operating system.


These systems are applicable to all ranges of bushels per hour.


This system complies with hazardous and non-hazardous locations of your plant.

The Agri Duster has been used to treat dust on multiple grains, corn, soybeans, wheat, feed, seed, fertilizer and soybean meal.

What Products Can I Use The

Agri Duster On?

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In the late 80s RC Peterson became aware that there was a health hazard  not being addressed when it came to handling grains. He noticed that this was not only a farmer’s problem but it's a rising problem on a commercial level as well. Grain dust originates at the time of harvest when the farmers first handle the grain. The grain dust continues with each handling from the farmer to the elevators.  Farmer’s Lung (and other respiratory conditions), can affect everyone in the grain industry. R.C. Peterson decided this needed to be dealt with and he created the “Agri Duster.” Formerly the Little Duster.


R.C. Peterson is a United States Air Force Veteran. He served from 1963 to 1967 during the Vietnam War. He was trained in maintenance and worked on  the B-52 Bombers where he became interested in the electrical components of an airplane. He earned a honorable discharge. Upon returning to Minnesota R.C. went to school for business management and agriculture. He has had a successful career in the electric business for 45 years. He has owned and operated RC Peterson Electric since 1988.

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