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"Grain Dust Suppression System"

Turn your Grain Dust into PROFITS

with Agri Duster!

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R.C. Peterson Electric, Inc.

10070 Ave S.E.

Granite Falls, MN.    56241

Phone: 800-657-8049

Fax: 320-564-4442




This is a complete TURNKEY system, fully INSTALLED and completely AUTOMATIC.

Increase profits and clean up your air by keeping that weight with your product instead creating dust!


This system can be installed in any elevator regardless of size, local plants or loading of unit trains and barges.


No expensive dust collection equipment needed nor do you have the cost of disposing of the collected dust.


Your facility will be safer for your employees by reducing the airborne dangers of grain dust. Housekeeping will be reduced and therefore making for a safer & healthier environment.


CALL NOW! 1-320-564-2299 to talk to a "Dust Professional"

Learn how we can solve your dust issues and increase your profits.



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Control This Problem

Lost Revenue


Dust in Suspension


House Keeping


Coring of Grain Bin


Health Hazard

Saved Dust Gains Bushels


Dust Stays on the  Grain


95% Less Dust = Less Cleanup


No High Concentrations of Dust


Your Not Breathing Dust


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